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Auke Timberlands
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About Auke Timberlands
Open Land

We are all stewards of the land.

Just as our native ancestors for centuries paid deference and lovingly tended to the gifts and resources they were given, it is our obligation as both inhabitants and citizens to care for and nurture our lands, to maintain a balance of planting and harvesting with minimal impact to the environment, and to protect these resources for future generations.

Rooted deeply in this tradition and philosophy, Aûke Timberlands, LLC is committed to responsible cultivation, using our lands to produce some of the nation’s finest lumber, while at the same time giving back to the earth and fostering a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

As part of the R.J. Finlay & Co. family of companies, Aûke Timberlands, LLC dedicates itself to producing industry-leading building materials and to also being a good neighbor. We proudly stand by our products and our pledge to leave the earth an even better place than we found it.

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